Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A story of life and love,

When I was
a little girl, I saw things nobody could see, I felt things which nobody felt
and I was not scared at all! I saw children in my room walking and playing with
my teddy bears and animals with smiles on their faces and they seemed happy.

One day a boy walked towards me and asked for my name. I told him that my
name was Leanne, and he greeted me with grace and dignity. He told me that he
couldn’t tell his name yet but I had to ask him again later on when I was
One day I became very ill and had to go to the hospital… I had an
operation and barely survived because there were complications. The same boy
that grew up like an gentlemen came to me and stood beside my bed. He looked at
me and asked, remember me Leanne? I opened my eyes and looked straight into his
eyes and said , Yes I believe I remember you, and closed my eyes again. He said,
now I can tell you my name. And I was like, Tell me please because I like you……
The man says well, my name is Michael but you can call me Mike.. I laughed at
him shy and whispered, in my heart I knew that already, because You never leaved
my side….. Mike says, And I am never going too, and smiles. I will get you back
from heaven he said, and I will keep doing it until you don’t belong on earth
anymore. A nurse came in the room and heard Mike say that and said, That’s a
great thing to do , good for you!! Mike got shy and whispered, well thank you,
but Leanne is a very special Lady and I love her very much. I screamed, Oh Mike
I love you too! And hugged him like he never felt before…
A few years later
I must have another surgery and Mike traveled with me and assured me that all
would be fine, have trust in who I am he said. So I trusted him with my life and
went to have the surgery, and again complications…. Mike got worried and said,
Leanne, there is something between us that nobody will understand. I looked into
his eyes and I felt the love he has inside him and start crying, Mike put his
arms around me and kisses me and says, you will be fine as long as you are with
me , I will guide you through life and never let you go. I promise.
there was drama in my life, my mum passed away, and I felt so lonely nobody can
imagine my pain! Mike walks up to me and he cried with me and felt my mother go
to heaven, and says, come on lets go to the see and watch her go.

So we sat on the sand and watched my mother walked up the stairs of heaven. That
was so special to me and I never stopped crying…. I was mad at the illness she
had. And Mike understood everything I was saying and screaming about to the see
and then all of a sudden I stopped crying, Mike looked at me and asked, what is
wrong my love? I pointed my finger to the sky and looked at my mum waving at
us…. Mike looked surprised and stumbled……. Wow, I never saw someone on the
stairway to heaven waving at me …… and waved back…

And many years
later, and many surgeries later Mike is still with me in my dreams, life, love,
heart, soul and mind and he will stay there until the never ending story is
going to be told again and begins over and ends many times again!!